16 April 2014

Happy Spring?!


Is Spring coming?!  Somedays I think "YES!", others, like today I am not so sure.  At least for the most part our snow is gone - that is a huge improvement - and *knock on wood* so are the below zero temps. 


We started calving April 1 and are at our halfway mark!  The heifers, so far, are outnumbering the bull calves.  Something I would rather see the other way around, but we are truely just thankful for each healthy calf.  A couple of the deliveries have left us praying Mom and Baby would be alive at the end - and thankfully they were!  With Magnum laid up, Ruger has been taking over calving lot duties and is doing awesome.  I'm a very proud of him.  I think his favorite is when we head to the pairs' pasture - one of our heifers, #12, always runs up to greet him and then bucks around, nuzzles him, runs underneath his neck - and he doesn't bat an eyelash. 


Holly isn't expecting her and Magnum's bundle of joy until the end of May - and with how she likes to hang on to them, hopefully we'll get to see him/her by early June.  She doesn't like to breed back with a foal at her side and by the time this one is close to weaning it will be too late in the year.  So...I'll more than likely have to wait until 2016 for another Magnum x Holly.


We had an awesome 2013 Show Season - and there are more details on the Show Ring page (follow The Horses link).  The 3 oldest are eager for 2014's season to start - and with all of their excitment, our youngest, Kyle tries to get in as much time with the horses as he can.  Kyle delights every morning when Magnum lowers his head for loves just from Kyle before heading outside.  All of the horses have some to the realization if there is a kid around when they come out of a stall, they'd better drop their heads for some scratches and kisses.  It looks like I am going to have 2 walk/trot riders, so that only leaves one slot in the trailer.  Mic, Ruger and a friend's mare will be the 3 showing this year.  I am anxious to get Sturm and Wyatt out, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards this year.


2014 Breeding Season is underway.  TJs Cool Crystal has been confirmed in foal and her owner, Jane, is hoping for another April or Sturm, I believe.  There are a couple pending and a couple we are waiting on a decent cycle.  This should keep things busy as we await decent weather to come and stay!


That should be about it for now. 



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