The Mares


While the ladies are mostly around to tote the kiddos around (and they do an awesome job at that!), there is one here for producing babies!



Straw In Her Jeans

4/1/98  |  Gold Champagne Blanket Mare  |  ApHC # 589745  | ICHR #  AP1999-0319

Peaches has been with us the longest of the mares and earned the top spot on the Mare Page - Kristine purchased her back in early 2000 as a long yearling and has never had a thought of her leaving since!  Peaches really doesn't need an introduction.  She is a full sister to Straws Mighty Magnum and every bit as precious to us as Magnum is.  Peaches was shown lightly as a 2-4 year old in open shows where she was always in the ribbons in halter, showmanship, western pleasure, hunter under saddle and games - although her strength is pleasure events!  She attended one ApHC show where she and Kristine picked up a couple points.  Her show career was then sidelined with a serious injury sustained while we lived in Alaska.  She was pretty much retired until 2015 when we pulled her out of pasture to be Adam's walk/trot mount and Katy's leadline mount!  While she doesn't move very nicely anymore due to her old, old injury, she is safe, steady, and the kids love her!  ...and they've been busy racking up points all summer!

PSSM1:  N/N   -  GBED:  N/N  -  HERDA:  N/N  -  MH:  N/N

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Show Record:

Class Life Points 2016 Points
Open Men's Heritage 0.5 0.0
Youth Halter Mares 1.5 1.5
Youth Leadline 6 & Under 5.5 1.5
Youth Most Colorful at Halter 1.0 0.0
Youth Novice Western Pleasure 18 & Under 2.0 0.0
Youth Walk/Trot Camas Prairie Stump Race 10 & Unde 3.0 1.0
Youth Walk/Trot Figure 8 Stake Race 10 & Under 1.0 0.5
Youth Walk/Trot Nez Perce Stake Race 10 & Under 2.5 0.5
Youth Walk/Trot Trail 10 & Under 0.5 0.0
Youth Walk/Trot Western Horsemanship 10 & Under 1.0 1.0
Youth Walk/Trot Western Showmanship 10 & Under 2.5 2.5


Foals:  My Jeans Are Hot - 4/11 Chestnut Blanket Filly by AQHA Simply Hot






Kyloe Miss Fortune


4/25/94  |  Chestnut Blanket Mare  |  ApHC # 549291

"Berreta" came to us very graciously from Crystal Pitkin as a horse for Katy after Katy lost her beloved Princess in Sept. 2015.  While "Miss Bert" was enjoying retired life at Crystal's, I think she is really enjoying how much a 5 year old girl can spoil a horse!  She and Katy already think the world of one another - and Miss Bert knows where those sugar cubes come from!  Katy is hoping to show Miss Bert in leadline, halter and most colorful in the 2016 show season.  Well, I should say, Mom is hoping for that.  Katy thinks she's going to start showing walk trot...  This has been a great partnership so far, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for these two.  Maybe life at our house isn't such a tough retirement job!   Miss Bert was previously Crystal's youth horse, but as with Mic, I am only going to keep track of the points the kids earn with her.


Show Record:

Class Life Points 2016 Points
Youth Hunt Seat Equitation 14 to 18 2.0 0.0
Youth Leadline,6 & Under 1.5 1.5
Youth Most Colorful at Halter 1.0 1.0
Youth Novice Hunt Seat Equitation 18 & Under 6.0 0.0
Youth Novice Hunter Under Saddle 18 & Under 1.5 0.0
Youth Novice Western Pleasure 18 & Under 0.5 0.0
Youth Western Pleasure 14 to 18 0.5 0.0






Totally Conspicuous

1/7/94 |  Chestnut Roan Mare  |  ApHC # 528664

"Sugar" is here for retirement, too.  We are hoping to get at least one Magnum baby out of her, but time will tell if that will happen.  She is a big, soggy mare with quite a history.  She's an own daughter of AQHA great Totally Impressed - making her a paternal sister to The Hunter, and out of Mighty Dialette a multiple National/World Champion mare.  Sugar did spend a bit of time in the show ring, and has produced a handful of super nice babies. 

PSSM1:  N/N   -  GBED:  N/N  -  HERDA:  N/N  -  MH:  N/N

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Show Record:

Class Life Points
Open Aged Mares 0.5
Open Hunter in Hand Mares 14.0
Open Senior Hunter Under Saddle 2.0


*Totally Magnetized  - Filly by Straws Mighty Magnum

*Totally Art - Gelding by Artfully Designed

*Conspicuously Mr - Stallion by Mr. All Inclusive 
2.5 Halter points

*Totally Chocolatey - Gelding by Chocolatey 
3.0 Non Pro Walk/Trot Western Pleasure
.5 Open HIH Geldings
1.5 Halter
2.5 Open Yearling Longe Line

*Da Vinci Code -  Mare by Zip Code One
 .5 NP Hunter In Hand Mares
4.0 Open Aged Mares
2.0 Open Heading & Heeling
5.0 Open Senior Judged Heeling
.5 Open Senior Reining
1.5 Open Senior Trail
1.0 3 y/o Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure

*Conspicuous Freedom - Gelding by Zippo Dandy Rock
*Conspicuous Reward - Mare by Zippo Dandy Rock



Dial Alice

5/11/96 |  Bay Roan Mare  |  ApHC # 580754

Adam fell in love with Alice back in 2014 when he borrowed her for a few months to ride.  When the opportunity came up for her to come live with us as a retirement home, he eagerly accepted.  She is a sweet, sweet mare that is getting quite spoiled.  She is an accomplished show horse and wonderful mom.  We're glad to have her here.  Adam and Alice did their first show Oct 2016, and he was grinning ear to ear - and can't wait for next year! 


Class Life Points Current Year Points
Non-Pro Hunt Seat Equitation 2.5 0.0
Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle 2.0 0.0
Non-Pro 35 & Over Hunter Under Saddle 1.5 0.0
Non-Pro 35 & Over Western Pleasure 3.5 0.0
Open Aged Mares 0.5 0.0
Open Hunter in Hand Mares 12.0 0.0
Open Senior Hunter Under Saddle 5.0 0.0
Open Senior Western Pleasure 3.0 0.0
Open Three-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Hunter Under Saddl 2.0 0.0
Open Three-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure 2.5 0.0
Youth Halter Mares 1.0 0.0
Youth Leadline 6 & Under 1.0 0.0
Youth Novice Western Showmanship 18 & Under 2.0 0.0
Youth Walk/Trot Camas Prairie Stump Race 10 & Unde 3.0 0.0
Youth Walk/Trot Nez Perce Stake Race 10 & Under 2.0 0.0
Youth Western Pleasure 18 & Under 0.5 0.0
Youth Western Showmanship 13 & Under 2.0 0.0





2007 Pony Mare

I got in trouble for not having Princess on here, so I figured I had better not make the same mistake with Kyle's new pride and joy, "Slash".  Gail Smith had her standing around bored...and Kyle was in search of his first pony.  The plan to pass Princess down to him wasn't going to work, so "Slash" joined the family.  Mind you, she was named Sugarfoot - but a 3 year old boy didn't find that fitting and her name was quickly changed.  Kyle will have his work cut out for him, but he is so proud of his pony.  I can't wait for next summer when we are able to get working her a bit more!




In Memory of "Princess"


We only owned princess for just over 2 short years, but she and Katy had such a bond. Katy started riding Princess this spring and every time I or Abby & Adam would ride, she would ride Princess - and for the full hour we rode - just walking her around and around the rail or taking her over trail obstacles. When Katy found out she could be a Cloverbud in 4-H for 2015-2016, she immediately started working with Princess for SMS for our fair (July 2016). They spent hours each day together - walking around the farm, Princess grazing or getting brushed...Katy would tell her stories non-stop. It was seldom you saw Princess without her mane and tail braided or with a spec of dirt on her. Katy even used some of her birthday money to buy Princess a brand new lime green halter and lead just 2 weeks ago. They both had a stubborn streak a mile wide, but I think it made their partnership even better. I can't tell you how many times I cursed at this pony - (both under my breath and outloud!), but what I wouldn't give to have her back for Katy right now. May you rest in peace "Princess" AKA BL Easy Street. You will be missed. 6/5/91-9/18/15





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